Scratch Lab 1

Name: Zak "The Legend" Singh

Period: 7

Assignment: Lab #1

Lab Overview

In this lab we focused on learning the very basics of Scratch. We learned how to use move and glide commands, as well as how to change costumes of actors. HERE.

My Solution

I used the glide and move commands, as well as rotate and face in order to move the actor around the stage. For problem #4 I used the change costume command.

My Project Link


  1. Go to the scratch home page and click explore and then animations ( Find an animation that you like. Click on “see inside”. What blocks do you recognize? What is unfamiliar?
    • ANIMATION I recognize most of the stuff he used except I have never seen the 'join' block before. However I recognize all of the move commands, pen commands, etc. that were used.
  2. How large is the scratch screen?
    • The scratch screen is 172800 pixels (480 pixels across and 360 pixels vertically
  3. Where is the center of the scratch screen?
    • Point (0,0), which is also known as the origin
    • What are the units of measurement of the scratch screen?
    • Pixels
    • How many sprites can you have on the screen? How many stages? Explain why this makes sense
    • You can only have 1 stage on screen at a time because it is the entire background. You can have as many sprites as you want because they are not static and they dont have to take up the entire screen at a time (but they still can).